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What is Data Parsing in Web Scraping?

A raw HTML file is a file that, on its own, can not be used due to its lack of form and the final visible result.
What is Data Parsing in Web Scraping?
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From unorganized data to crucial business information

When using a web scraper software, no matter the language it is based on, this software sends a request to the server or location in which the webpage from which the information would be taken. Once the web scraper can access this information, it will be downloaded as a Raw HTML file.

What is a Raw HTML File?

We humans communicate through language and character to form words. HTML is a computer language in which webpages are written to give form to the web pages we visit, such as digital business stores and social media.

A raw HTML file is a file that, on its own, can not be used due to its lack of form and the final visible result. Thus, it needs to be organized in a certain way to be transformed into a readable file from where we can take valuable information and data.

What is Parsing?

Data Parsing is the term used to call the transformation of a sequence of unstructured data collected through web scraping into structured data, also called tree or data parsing.

Why is it important for my web scraping process?

Data parsers are component that organizes the information Crawlers (little bots) that search for data on the web; parsers make data that the human eye might see as random and transform into manageable data that a person can interpret to make decisions and understand the market more accurately.    

Do I need to create a Parser for my project?

An in-house Parser that does the parsing process might seem like a need for some companies depending on their goals, but this take can have positive and negative outcomes.

@franciscobattan, a data specialist, commented: "An in-house parser might be required for specific data needs for certain companies, but it can also be an activity that will be time-consuming to make it work correctly."

For starters, a previously built version available to the user might be the most appropriate choice to start managing and organizing data after the web scraping process to achieve results in the short term, with time if the necessity for a most personalized parser appears, IT teams can start working on creating these assets with more time.    

Data is one of the essential assets of today's society. Parsing is a crucial step in the data analysis process that conforms to the world of data scraping for companies; it is essential to remember that it allows 4.0 industries to be able to read and comprehensively analyze data, giving form to what seems like a see of raw data, "just like transforming coal into a diamond."

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